The 7 best mechanical keyboards on AliExpress

The 7 best mechanical keyboards on AliExpress

The 7 best mechanical keyboards on AliExpress

Mechanical keyboards again outperform membrane “brothers” for people of any kind to take that crap: you want to love typing stretched out the text and so your hands don’t fall in love, you want the value of dovovichnosti I’ll add it, and who just needs to be more characteristically clapping, as you can see the keys of the "mechanics" during the onslaught Today we are talking about ten models of mechanical keyboards, which are the most popular on Aliexpress. It is noteworthy that a lot of leading light brands are not represented by branded stores, and most of them do not sell their products there, so there will not be HyperX keyboards or BenQ keyboards; hiba scho rare products Razer managed to sneak on Ali through the windows of gloomy Chinese stores. However, the leaders of them can boast of completely democratic prices.

1. HP GK 100

One of the world’s oldest brands of computer technology, Hewlett-Packard viroblya practically everything related to computer peripherals and, well, the stench did not go unnoticed and mechanical keyboards. HP GK 100 is, in fact, an archetypal mechanical keyboard of all sizes, in which case everything you need for a low price: choose between Black, Brown, Blue and Red candles (Cherry MX’s no-name analogs, which are not identified), predicting visually podsvіchuvannya, a simple form factor. I saw GK 100 medium similar material, whiskers for the upper panel, in this case, metal instead of stellar plastic. HP GK 100 is in the lower price range of mechanical keyboards

2. ASUS ROG Strix Flare

From the keyboard of the cob rіvnya – once in the top. Rozheva ASUS ROG Strix Flare, okrіm original color scheme and pіdtrimki brushes, to improve the purchase as well as the quality of the components: the keyboard works on the original German Cherry MX switches, which have become their own standard. In the presence of Cherry MX Blue, Brown and Red, black ones, maybe they didn’t bring it, which is amazing, looking at the obvious focus on gamers; ROG Strix Flare promotes the ability to add your own or command logo to a special keypad. The keyboard also has special keys for managing media and loudness of sound, it has a wide memory for creating macros, as well as the Aura Sync system.
It’s not cheap to be satisfied.

3. Redragon K585 DITI

It’s not a common keyboard, but rather a gaming gadget, which brings to mind the classic Razer Nostromo and Orbweaver, Redragon K585 DITI gives you a keyboard with 42 keys and left hand on the Outemu candles. Two hefty programming keys right-handed are designated for the thumb and, for gamers, to take on the same role, as they play in the great keyboards. Є pіdtrimka brushes on magnetic fastenings. The choice for the gaming device itself Blue switches looks strange, and not specially bred for gamers Black or Red (Outemu rob offending options), but the popularity of the Redragon K585 seems to be about those who choose it, it’s true, it’s true.

4. Ajazz AK33

Because Ajazz released the first version of the AK33 and immediately got its price tag at $50, the company seems to be quite satisfied with the fact that it will be respectful of the competition, and it’s negligently accumulated cheap modifications: Ajazz AK33 for deyakі little not vdvіchі less for povnotsіnnu version. Do you need a different RGB lighting? Be kind, the axis is better for you. Do not need to navit zvichayne? Axis version is familiar without switching. Do you want new, extended keycaps? Easy, for a fee! In Ajazz zayavlyayut scho їh klavіatura target spetsіalno pid geymerіv, i mozhlivіst Pay chornі svіchі tse pіdtverdzhuє against zagalny design svіdchit skorіsh about those scho klavіatura pіdіyde shanuvalnikam mіnіmalіzmu: tvortsі primudrilisya maximum vikoristovuvati surface klavіaturi in rezultatі chogo AK33 viglyadaє duzhe compact. The versatility of the keypad varies in different versions, the basic AK33 itself "without anything" will cost you $25, while the full version with subswitches and extra pads of keys costs $41.